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Win the Anniversary Challenge
Here's how you can get 10 crowns in Retro Royale and 6 wins in Modern Royale in the Anniversary Challenge!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on March 1, 2018.
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Clash Royale is celebrating their second year and they're giving two challenges to complete this weekend! The first challenge is Retro Royale where you get to play with cards that are initially released before the official launch. After getting 10 crowns, you'll get to Modern Royale. This is where you can play with new cards that was released after the official launch.

Best Tips to Win Retro Royale:

Cards that you can use:

This table shows what cards you can use in the game. (These cards may not be final until the challenge starts.)

  • Click on the image to go straight to their decks.
Knight Archers Goblins Giant
knight.png archers.png goblins.png giant.png
P.E.K.K.A Minions Balloon Witch
PEKKA.png minions.png balloon.png witch.png
Barbarians Golem Skeletons Valkyrie
barbarians.png golem.png skeletons.png valkyrie.png
Skeleton Army Bomber Musketeer Baby Dragon
skeleton_army.png bomber.png musketeer.png baby_dragon.png
Prince Wizard Mini P.E.K.K.A Spear Goblins
prince.png wizard.png mini_PEKKA.png spear_goblins.png
Giant Skeleton Hog Rider Minion Horde Cannon
giant_skeleton.png hog_rider.png minion_horde.png cannon.png
Goblin Hut Mortar Inferno Tower Bomb Tower
goblin_hut.png mortar.png inferno_tower.png bomb_tower.png
Barbarian Hut Tesla Elixir Collector X-Bow
barbarian_hut.png tesla.png elixir_collector.png x-bow.png
Tombstone Fireball Arrows Rage
tombstone.png fireball.png arrows.png rage.png
Rocket Goblin Barrel Freeze Mirror
rocket.png goblin_barrel.png freeze.png mirror.png
Lightning Zap
lightning.png zap.png

Predicted Popular Cards:

One is the Hog Rider because of his speed and his focus on destroying the tower. So you have to watch out for cycle and bait decks. Second is Giant beatdown cycle decks. In this meta, you'll notice that there are a lot of players using a quick Giant + Musketeer + Mini P.E.K.K.A deck. Third is the Golem with the Prince, a mighty combo. Fourth is the P.E.K.K.A. This last popular card may be for players who are into counter and punish decks.

Must Haves:

You must have Arrows or Fireball or even both! You don't need to worry about facing an Inferno Dragon or a Sparky in this challenge but get ready for beatdowns and Hog cycles.

Possible Decks:

New Trifecta Cycle Deck for Arena 5 to 12 No Legendary Ultimate Counter Deck for Arena 5 and Tournaments
New Trifecta made for this meta!
Deck that can counter any deck in the arena!
No Legendary Baby-Loon Prince Deck for Arena 5 Giant Splash Deck for Arena 5
Deck that has 3 win condition cards!
A good counter to counter-push deck!

Retro Royale Rewards:

In Retro Royale, even if you lose you can compete again. You just need to complete 10 crowns and you're going to Modern Royale.

  • 4 Crowns → x250 Gold
  • 7 Crowns → x500 Gold
  • 10 Crowns → x1000 Gold

Best Tips to Win Modern Royale:

Cards that you can use:

This table shows what cards you can use in the game. (These cards may not be final until the challenge starts.)

  • Click on the image to go straight to their decks.
Bandit Battle Ram Bats Bowler
bandit.png Battle_Ram.png bats.png Bowler.png
Cannon Cart Clone Dart Goblin Electro Wizard
cannon_cart.png clone.png Dart_Goblin.png ElectroWizardCard.png
Elite Barbarians Executioner Fire Spirits Flying Machine
elite_barbarians.png ElectroWizardCard.png fire_spirits.png flying_machine.png
Furnace Goblin Gang Graveyard Guards
furnace.png Goblin_Gang.png graveyard-card.png guards.png
Heal Hunter Ice Golem Ice Spirit
heal.png hunter.png icegolem-card.png IceSpirit.png
Inferno Dragon Lava Hound LumberJack Magic Archer
inferno-dragon.png lava_hound.png LumberJack.png magic_archer.png
Mega Knight Mega Minion Miner Night Witch
mega_knight.png mega-minion.png miner.png night_witch.png
Royal Ghost Skeleton Barrel Sparky The Log
royal_ghost.png skeleton_barrel.png sparky.png TheLog.png
Tornado Zappies
tornado.png zappies.png

Predicted Popular Cards:

We predict a lot of players will either use the Mega Knight + Skeleton Barrel combo or the Bandit and Battle Ram bridge spam. Elite Barbarians are also a crowd favorite. Furnace may also be in the list as a defense/offense building.

Must haves:

You really have to have an Electro Wizard or Zappies in your deck! The Modern Royale doesn't have Zap available so you may face a Sparky or an Inferno Dragon.

Possible Decks:

deck1.png deck2.png
deck3.png deck4.png

Modern Royale Rewards:

Unlike Retro Royale that you just need to get crowns, in Modern Royale you have to get 6 wins before 3 loses to get the prize.

  • 1 Win → x50 Skeleton Barrel
  • 3 Wins → x20 Zappies
  • 5 Wins → x3 Hunters
  • 6 Wins → x1 Epic Chest


A lot of players got disappointed about the Anniversary Challenge Clash Royale is giving this weekend. Not a lot of rewards to gain. But who knows, this is may be just a primer to what they'll give us in the next week. Probably a free legendary draft chest? or Chest sales? Let us just enjoy the Challenge while it last and hope for a better celebration in the next few days.

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Last modified: 1, 03, 2018

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