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A crazy spawner deck that includes all huts to swarm your enemy!


Because of the newly released Clash Royale cards, it inspired us to create an all huts deck, including the rare Furnace. Want to overwhelm your opponent with Barbs, Spear Gobs, Skeletons, and Fire Spirits? You might want to check out this Clash Royale deck.


Your multiple huts will spawn troops for you. You just have to clear out their path and they will overwhelm your opponent. They will continue spawning until they expire or if the enemy brought them down. The main strength of this Clash Royale deck is to overwhelm your opponent with quantity so he will have a hard time countering.

All Huts Furnace Deck:

Fireball Archers Spear Goblins Fire Spirits
Fireball Archers Spear Goblins Fire Spirits
Tombstone Furnace Barbarian Hut Goblin Hut
Tombstone Furnace Barbarian Hut Goblin Hut

Card Roles:

  • Archers / Spear Goblins / Fire Spirits: They are your defense against your enemy push. Since they are ranged and can take down both air and ground units, they will be the defender of your base while the spawners are still busy.
  • Tombstone: They will spawn Skeletons that may annoy some players. Once it expires, it summons four Skeletons.
  • Furnace / Barbarian Hut / Goblin Hut: The main cards of the game. They will spawn Fire Spirits, Barbarians, and Spear Goblins that will accumulate and destroy enemy towers.
  • Fireball: With a single hit, it can take down or melt down a beefy tank or even Barbarians. In that way, your troops will take a little effort to take them down.

Clash Royale Strategy:

At the start of the game, wait until your elixirs are full before you deploy anything. Once it's at max, plant your Barbarian Hut to one side of the screen. When you have enough elixirs, drop down your Furnace or Goblin Hut. Last but not the least your Tombstone. Always try to have this trio so you have a troop protecting your Barbarians.

During the mid game, this is the right time to push for your enemy. Counter all his troops with your Fireball spell to soften their HP and throw your Archer, Spear Goblins, and Fire Spirits to end their life.

On the double elixir mark, now is the time to spam your way to victory. Drop down any Hut that you can. Make the Furnace your primary, while countering your enemy's troops with the usual Fireball + Archers + Spear Gobs. If you already took down a tower, place your Furnace on the other side of the lane and watch your opponent get overwhelmed with a lot of Fire Spirits plus other troops for a three crown victory!


Rockets, Fireball, Arrows, and Miners can bring destruction to this massive Hut Deck. In case your opponent uses the spells against your Huts, try to redeem your elixirs back by just countering his troops with low elixir units while you're still saving your elixir pool. Once you're fully recovered, start planting your huts again. For Miners, he can be easily taken down by Spear Goblins or Archers. Don't use a Fireball on him because you will lose the elixir exchange on that.

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We know you're too excited to boast your new cards to your clan and enemies. And this time we've created a massive Hut deck that will certainly overwhelm your opponent not just with the old troops, but with the fast and flying Fire Spirits as well. 

Enjoy spamming your enemies! Cheers to the higher Arena!

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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