Here we explain to you how a reactive gameplay can beat top decks using something that fools them into thinking that you are an unskilled in Clash Royale.


What is a Tempo Deck? This is a deck that makes efficient use of elixirs, pressuring your opponent to use theirs impractically. Wins are achieved by playing threats and building your play.

Also, this deck allows you to grind down enemies while being able to low-key attacks once the opponent commits a mistake.


The strength of this deck comes from letting you have elixir advantage and deploying practical card drops. You must know how to do reactive gameplay. This means when an opponent drops a card, you must drop the most efficient counter card that you have against the opponent's. With this, you'll gain more elixir advantage. Also, this is somehow a variation of the Double Push Deck strategy because it is encouraged that you drop down cards in both lanes if possible. In this way, the opponent will be pressured to do something.

The Tempo Skeleton Deck:

Spear Goblins Valkyrie Arrows Musketeer
Spear Goblins Valkyrie Arrows Musketeer
Goblin Hut Skeleton Army Witch Giant Skeleton
Goblin Hut Skeleton Army Witch Giant Skeleton

Card Roles:

Giant Skeleton: The most cost effective tank in the game. His bomb is invaluable for clearing enemy's that overcommit. Normally drop him with a range behind.

Witch: Great for pushing especially during the last minute of the game. This card always forces your opponent to respond. You can even win the game if you have 2 Witches in one lane.

Skeleton Army: For those pesky Princes and PEKKAs. They also do tons of damage if left unattended. This card is very powerful if you know your opponent just used Arrows.

Goblin Hut: Highly elixir efficient especially when supported by skeletons. Also game-winning when you have two in one lane.

Musketeer: Anti-air, anti-tank, and siege. The Musketeer is an invaluable card in this deck.

Valkyrie: Great against Skeleton Army and Witch. This card played at the right time allows you to build a huge elixir advantage.

Arrows: Highly versatile clear. Use it against barrels and hordes of weaker troops.

Spear Goblins: Cheap ranged support for Giant Skeleton/Witch pushes.

Battle Strategy:

You may or may not wait for your 10 elixirs. It depends if your opponent waits for his 10 elixirs too.

The Battle strategy is as simple as just waiting for the opponent to put down cards and countering it with the most efficient card you have in hand, which should be a card that costs cheap elixirs. After that, drop offensive cards on the other side. Your moves will always be based on your opponent's.

For example, the opponent drops a Giant + Prince to siege your tower. You use your Skeleton Army which easily devastates both the Giant and the Prince. Meanwhile, you can drop your Giant Skeleton and some Spear Goblins in the other lane. At the moment, your opponent deals with half a Skeleton Army on one side, and a Giant Skeleton push. If the Giant Skeleton reaches the enemy tower, you can see that there will be big damage to his tower.

In short, you counter the opponent's attacks with the most efficient card you have but still the cheap one at that. Then you push offense on the other. It's like Defense then Offense, then repeat it whenever your opponent makes a move.

When the 60-second mark comes, it is assumed that it will be easier to do this since the elixir doubles and you still maintain elixir advantage because of your reactive gameplay.


The disadvantage of this deck is that when your opponent learns how you're battling him, he may also do the reactive play which will result of you both waiting for the other to make a move, and it will be a longer match and much more annoying. Also, you'd probably lose the match if your opponent push offense on both sides at the same time because you'll run out of defensive cards.

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Basically, this the Tempo Skeleton Deck strategy only requires you to react quickly and practically. Those low costing multiple unit cards can help you with reacting well in the game. Trick them into believing that you have a poor deck, and sneak on their towers.


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  • I use Mini Pekka instead of Skarmy and Baby Dragon instead of Goblin Hut. This deck has brought me to Arena 9 (Jungle Arena). I also went through Royal Arena and Frozen Peak without a single loss and only a few draws. I use the Giant Skeleton Combo during the last minute. It kills all my opponent's defending troops when it dies and my support tropps wreck my opponent's tower. I also usually get 3crowns if my Giant Skeleton manages to reach my opponent's tower. -- 16:05, 25 December 2017 (UTC)