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Clash Royale Arena 5 is where you start to see decks with legendary cards. Although still few, they are strong nonetheless, so make sure you play smartly with this great Hog Zap Rocket deck.


The Hog Rider is now one of the most popular cards, if not the most popular card now. You probably have run into a variant for of a Hog Freeze or Hog Zap deck by now. The Hog Rider is fast and powerful. It is no wonder many players love this card. Its speed and power is unmatched. Learn how to use this deck to get you passed arena 5, Spell Valley.


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The strength of the Hog Rider is in its speed and power. Most powerful cards in the game are slow or consume a lot of your elixirs, but the Hog Rider is probably the most economical in terms of speed and strength. Furthermore, it has the potential to jump over the river.

Hog Zap Rocket Deck for Arena 5

Hog Rider Barbarians Zap Spear Goblins
hog_rider.png barbarians.png zap.png spear_goblins.png
Rocket Musketeer Baby Dragon Arrows
rocket.png musketeer.png baby_dragon.png arrows.png

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider: The main card of this deck, your main objective is to use this card when you think you opponent has used all of their elixirs.
  • Barbarians: They are a great defense. They are mostly used to counter enemy Tanks or Hog Riders.
  • Zap: A great replacement for Freeze at half the price. Zap can be used defensively and offensively. Stun enemies so your Hog Rider can get a few extra hits or eliminate small hordes with this cheap spell.
  • Spear Goblins: Great extra support as they can attack both ground and air troops. They can also be used to lure enemies away from the tower.
  • Rocket: This card is can be the card that can win you the game. You can use it to heavily damage your enemies towers or to take out a massive counter-push from you enemy. Be warned to time it correctly.
  • Musketeer: A great card for support and defense. A lot like Spear Goblins but much much more powerful, she can be dropped at a distance from the tower.
  • Baby Dragon: A great card to take care of Barbarians and defense towers like Cannons or Bomb Towers.
  • Arrows: This card is self-explanatory. Use it to take out Hordes or heavily damaged troops. It can also be used to give the final blow to low HP towers.

Deck Strength:

This Clash Royale deck will probably not give you 3 crown victories all the time. It is a deck that will chip away at your opponents towers so you have to be patient and counter. When you see your opponent used a lot of their elixirs, then use your Hog. Also at an average cost of 3.9 this is a great average deck.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the battle, you might want to drop Spear Goblins at the very front to do some light damage to the tower and to lure out any card they might have that can possibly counter your Hog combo. Counter your enemy cards as the come, place Musketeer at the back so she can do massive damage at a distance.

At about 40 seconds in, you can gauge if your opponent used a lot of their elixirs, if they did, drop your Hog and have Zap ready. The hog should do big damage to the tower before getting destroyed by enemy troops. Rinse and repeat. Do extra damage by deploying your Rocket when you think they will drop troops close to their towers.

At about 2 minutes and by the third time you do this combo, their tower would have already gone down. Then it is time to play defensively.

Things will get hectic at double elixir time, but don't lose your cool, continue playing defensively and you should take the victory.


Weakness to this deck is probably another Hog Freeze deck. Both decks have the same playing style but Freeze is a stronger card than Zap as it can stop all cards and towers.

Smart players will also realize your strategy the first time you launch your attack so you might want to change it a little once you know they are ready for your push.


Thanks to Exocist for providing this great deck. It is a very balanced deck so it should be fun to play with. It is not a super aggressive deck so aggressive players will probably won't want to play this deck.

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