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3M Ram Miner Deck for Challenges and Tournaments
A Three Musketeers deck that has the ability to bait out the Fireball or punish the opponent for not having one. A high win rate deck for CCGS.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 17, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

This Three Musketeers + Ram + Miner deck is one of the highest win rate decks based on statsroyale. This is because this deck has the ability to bait out the opponent's Fireball and punish them for not having any after that. After baiting out the Fireball you can go ahead with a Miner + Minion Horde and/or Battle Ram.

The strength of this deck is its ability to create a huge amount of pressure to your opponent. Usually, Three Musketeers are countered with either the Lightning or a Fireball. If they do, you can use the remaining single Musketeer and add the Minion Horde for an insane damage.

3M Ram Miner Deck:

Battle Ram Elixir Collector Goblin Gang Ice Golem
Battle_Ram.png elixir_collector.png Goblin_Gang.png icegolem-card.png
Miner Minion Horde Three Musketeers Zap
miner.png minion_horde.png three_musketeers.png zap.png

Card Roles:

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to have the Three Musketeers split behind your king tower. A pair of Musketeers will go towards one lane and single one to the other lane. Put down the Ice Golem in front of the pair of Muskets and then have the Battle Ram join the lone Musketeer. The opponent will now have to choose which lane to defend. If they decide to Fireball, go with a Miner + Minion Horde. Sometimes a naked Minion Horde can do the trick if they don't have a ranged AoE unit on hand.


Start with an early Elixir Collector and plant it in front of your King Tower. Once you have enough elixirs, split the Three Musketeers at the back of your King Tower. Just before they reach the bridge, drop the Ice Golem in front of the two Musketeers and the Battle Ram beside the single Musketeer. If they manage to Fireball or get rid of one of your pushes, you recoil with your Minion Horde. You can also use the Miner to tank.


The main defense unit of this deck is the Goblin Gang. You can also use the Ice Golem to tank or shred them with the Minion Horde. After countering, you can either go for a pump or start the pressure again with the Three Musketeers.


The weakness of this deck is it is heavy. A fast cycle deck can pose a problem. If that's the case, you can use your other win condition cards like the Miner + Battle Ram or Minion Horde. You can also play for a draw if you think you can't pull off a win.


Watch CLASHwithSHANE test out the top 5 best deck for CCGS. This deck is featured on 4:30 of the video.

Final Overview:

Even after the Battle Ram's nerf, it is still pretty popular in tournaments. They can smash through the tower and continue with the destruction with the pair of Barbarians. As of this writing, this deck is in second place in statsroyale with 65.12% win rate and 57 players completed the CCGS using this deck.

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Last modified: 18, 08, 2017

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