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2v2 Sudden Death Challenge - Tips on How to Get 9 Wins!
2v2 Sudden Death Challenge is here! The summer of 2v2 continues on and we will give you tips on how to win those trophies fast!
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Enjoy the Summer of 2v2 with this week's new 2v2 Challenge. As scheduled, this July 14th Clash Royale will have 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge. You can now enjoy this heart-stopping action together with a friend.

Best Tips to Win 9 Battles in the 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge:

Don't choose a heavy deck:

This 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge is all about winning the first crown. You don't have another chance to seek revenge or sacrifice a tower.

Pick a strong Spell:

Sometimes a couple of Rockets is what it takes to bring down a crown tower. Have a good strong spell in your deck to seal the deal.

Do a direct tower damage:

It can be a Miner, Goblin Barrel, or a Graveyard. Even those chip little damages count. How about a Miner + Poison combo? Hog Riders and Battle Rams are going to be everybody's favorite in this game mode.

Get a building:

As you might face Hog Riders and Battle Rams, get a defensive building. It can be an Inferno Tower or a Tombstone. You need it to lure them away from your tower.


Aside from getting a lot of fun in this 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge, Clash Royale is also giving away one time rewards.

  • 3 Wins → x1000 Gold
  • 5 Wins → x10 Gems
  • 7 Wins → x2 Epic Cards
  • 9 Wins → x1 Giant Chest

Sudden Death Challenge:

Sudden Death is like you are already on overtime. It is double elixir and the match is timed at 3 minutes. The first player who can bring down a tower wins the game. If you want to see how this is played, you can check out Nickatnyte's video below.

This video just shows 1v1 match but the concept is the same.

Best 2v2 Decks:



Are you ready the challenge? This 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge requires more strategy than your regular 2v2 matches. You really have to pay attention as to what and where your partner is dropping his/her troops so you'll know which lane to push. Make sure to always have a building too. You don't want the opponent's units to connect as much as possible.

If you have other tips you want to share feel free to use the comment box below.

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Last modified: 14, 07, 2017

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