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2.8 Mortar Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 11
After the balance changes, the Mortar is getting back in the game more than ever. Here's a Mortar Hog Cycle deck perfect for this incoming meta.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 11, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

The Clash Royale team gave the Mortar a new life with their recent August 11 Balance Update. A lot of players are now keeping their eyes open with Seige decks and this is where this deck comes in. This deck only has 2.8 average elixir cost that you can use to cycle your cards and punish your enemy.

The strength of this deck is that you have two win condition cards. The first one is the Hog Rider the other one is the Mortar. Since this is a cycle deck, you can also use the Mortar defensively to lure and damage invading troops and then punish them with the Hog Rider for even trying.

2.8 Mortar Hog Cycle Deck:

Archers Arrows Goblins Hog Rider
archers.png arrows.png goblins.png hog_rider.png
Knight Ice Spirit Mortar The Log
knight.png IceSpirit.png mortar.png TheLog.png

Card Roles:

  • Archers - One of the most underestimated card. Once they reach a good level, they can be a formidable force and can do chip damage to both troops and buildings.
  • Arrows - The most usual counter against your Mortar and Hog Rider are those irritating cheap and swarm units, answer them with this spell for an even trade or a positive elixir trade.
  • Goblins - They are good in stabbing. They can stab chunky units to their doom. Use them to defend your Mortar.
  • Hog Rider - Your main win condition. Use him to charge to the other lane if the opponent is trying to get rid of your Mortar.
  • Knight - He will gladly defend your push and your base.
  • Ice Spirit - A good cycle card and will help your cheap units stop intruders.
  • Mortar - Another win condition card. If the opponent is trying to focus on this card, you can use your Hog Rider.
  • The Log - Pushes back units and get rid of cheap ground troops.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The Ideal Strategy here is to not place your Mortar immediately. If you have a Hog Rider in your hand, you can place it together with the Ice Spirit at the bridge and wait for your opponent to counter. If he/she has a tower locking unit or a tank, do NOT place the Mortar in the middle of your base. Instead, put it near the river in the mid-part. Make sure it can target the crown tower. Placing it there will still lure the units and then use your counter units such as Goblins and Ice Spirit to get rid of them. Finally, pummel them with your Hog Rider.


Start very slow. For example, deploy the Goblins at the back of your King Tower or Archers. Counter and check the counter cards your opponent has with your deck. Once you've already learned your opponent's deck, start with your push. Make sure the counter cards are out of your opponent's cycle like the Tornado before starting with your Hog Rider. If he/she starts with his/her push, drop the Mortar in the middle, near the river to lure them in and then finish them off with the Goblins, Knight, Archers, and Ice Spirit. The Mortar is now locked into their crown tower and you have your Hog Rider do a solo push.


You have a lot of defense cards. Mainly use your Mortar to lure and to lock in their crown tower. Use the remaining cards to counter and then answer them back with your Hog Rider.


Do not be too confident because you have a very cheap deck. Start passively and learn your opponent's deck. You have to also make good placement for your troops as they are cheap and can be easily killed. Spells and splash units can be your worst nightmare. Use the Knight to tank for them while they do damage.


CWA features GioRican one of the best cycle players in the game. This deck is featured in 5:40.

Final Overview:

If only I manage to upgrade my Mortar in the right level to battle in Arena 10 - Hog Mountain, I would definitely try this deck out. Since beatdown decks are almost dead due to the super Night Witch nerf, I am now focusing on cycle decks. I wouldn't mind having a siege deck too. This deck is pretty cool as you can use the Mortar for defense as well as offense and then finish off with a Hog Rider naked push.

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Last modified: 14, 08, 2017

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